Choose your Miss mobiTalk!
Maximum prize of 1 billion đ

Event Duration
28. Oct. - 5. Jan. 2018

Event Contents
You can earn 1 billion đ.
The only thing you have to do is just vote!

How to vote
1. Download the mobiTalk app.
2. Select your most favorite contestant in the app and vote her.
3. You can vote once a day, and you will receive a gift after voting.
4. Select and press 5 numbers from 1 to 45 on the app page.
5. You can see the result on December 2, when "Miss mobiTalk" draws the lucky 5 numbers on the stage. Or look at our webpage "mobitalk.me".

Detailed Process
1. Vote more! You can have the more chances to be the winner!
2. The Prize money starts from 200 million đ. Each time you vote, it increases by 200 đ. The maximum is 1 billion đ.
3. The gift holder who got the 5 right numbers in order will be the winner.
4. If there are multiple winners, the prize money will be distributed equally to the winners.
5. If there is no one who got the 5 right numbers in order, then the gift holders who got the 4 right numbers in order will receive the prize money.
6. "Miss MobiTalk" will be selected among the contestants of [2017 Miss Universe Vietnam]. The Lucky girl selected as "Miss MobiTalk" will be given some prize.


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